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Even in the elleventh hour, we know how to help you.

Although it is far easier to help a business before it is either almost dead or spiraling out of control, we can help in almost any situation. At these points strategy was never more important. In fact strategy may be the key to saving a business. Time after time we have met with CEOs ready to close their doors. We are able to help most of them save their companies and actually dominate their industries, but we can only help the ones that act before they close their doors. There is almost always something that can be done to save a business. If there isn't, we will tell you straight out.

We have the ability to structure compensation to fit almost any business model. Our creativity does not end with marketing or business structure. We do not have our clients waste money on anything. We only recommend investments with high ROIs.We also have the resources to put nearly any project together start to finish. Established alliances with artists, designers, printers, etc. allow us to oversee and turn-key everything from print ads to mobile apps in a very short amount of time.

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The Strategist- Samuel Sadler

Elleven consulting group CEO, Samuel Sadler is best known for his marketing and business strategies. His experience ranges from his "Community Brand Outreach Program" that yielded some 50,000 dental leads in the first three days of it's existence. Not to mention the market dominence he established for multiple contractors to take marketplace at will. He is also a Partner in the Real Estate Investor Expo that positions businesses for massive success in an educational format. Each project built entirely around protecting and benefiting the marketplace.

Samuel is one of only a few high level Competitive Intelligence Consultants in the world. This specialized set of skills gives him the knowledge of exactly what the competition has done, is doing and what they plan to do in incredible detail. This gives our clients a remarkable edge and a unique view of the battlefield helping them make educated decisions saving them time and money.