Hold Still While I Brand You

Just like your first impression of a person, the human brain has its own opinions of your corporate brand. You must have a brand that caters to not only the viewers' history but the history of humanity itself. There are characteristics of images, sounds smells, etc. both subtle and instantly recognizable woven into the very fabric of humanity and your brand should embrace these characteristics. Your brand certainly cannot be contrary to them.

Make sure you turn your branding over to someone that knows what they are doing from both the creative and scientific sides. Most importantly, NEVER build a brand and put it out for public selection with the intent of going with what the group “likes” the most. Overall these groups go with the uneducated and uncalculated decision of the “prettiest” or the “coolest looking”. They don't necessarily go with the most credible or the right brand. Do you always buy from the best-looking person? Would you have a supermodel do your taxes?

For more information on branding and a corporate identity package, attend one of our free seminars held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There are some things in life too important to do by yourself and your marketing is one of them. 

Here are a few examples of brands and logos we have built:

ADHD Creative LogoBlue DoorDreamigoCapital Concepts


Notice how different each of these brands are. Each has a specific role to play to different people at different times in different phases of the buying cycle. Your entire corporate identity package should take all of these factors into account. Your corporate identity package needs to be versatile and well-researched. It cannot come from someone half way around the world ripping off parts of other company logos and selling them for a few hundred bucks. This is an area where you really get what you pay for. 

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