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elleven group is a streamlined organization run with a unique culture of results, high morals and accountability. elleven group CEO Samuel Sadler is known for his creativity in all areas of business with an emphasis on marketing. He has built campaigns such as the “Brand Outreach Program” that generated more than 50,000 leads in the first three days. His strategies have doubled client profitability in less than 30 days and have saved numbers of companies from ruin. His programs have brought media attention to both small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations with exponential results ranging from increased membership to additional funding.

Although he views the marketplace as a battlefield whereon the businesses of the world constantly wage war, he views himself as the protector of the marketplace and the protector of his clientele. In his words, “The only position a company should be satisfied with is the top of their industry. Even once that is attained that company must do all in their power to defend it. The CEO owes this to their family and employees and their families. If they really do offer the best solution for client needs, it is their duty to be number one. ” As an Eagle Scout he has brought strong principles to clients to protect and better serve the needs of the marketplace. He said, “I have never claimed to be perfect, but I do all in my power to better the lives of everyone within the reach of my influence.”

He is also the CEO of Bigger Than Cancer, a non-profit organization helping those fighting cancer and getting those that can't afford it the life-saving care they need.

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Samuel believes in constantly sharpening the saw and is currently attending Cornell University Graduate School to sharpen his skills in Data-Driven Marketing and Marketing Strategy. Once completing courses at Cornell in 2017, Samuel plans to attend the graduate program at Harvard.  

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