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Fun Begins With FU

The first book Samuel Sadler ever wrote, “Fun Begins with F U” caught everyone’s attention. The book covers struggle and hitting rock bottom and how to get back on top. Whether you are trying to make a come-back as an individual or corporation, this book is a must.  “Sam actually wrote this book. This is not written by an underpaid ghost writer that really has no idea how the game works with Sam’s name on it.That is why it is so effective.”

–Edward Earle, CEO Zus Energy

Zus Life

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Fun Begins with F U is copyrighted to Samuel Sadler

©2010 all rights reserved

Samuel's business books are not for sale. Fun Begins with F U and others are given away free to help those that need the information. These books focus on marketing, branding, advertising and subjects that would be beneficial to executives in both small companies and large.  If you would like information on co-authoring a book with Samuel, please contact elleven group at with "Co-author Program" in the subject heading.