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Free Press Release

Every company needs press and small to mid-sized companies certainly do not get enough of it. To give these companies the attention they need, we will write and post a press release free of charge for companies that submit a request form and complete a press interview. We will write all the body copy and send it out through various media channels. 

In order to get the most buzz from your press release, you will need to post a minimum of one to two per month. The body copy can be taken from interviews, corporate news such as product launches or new hires or even your company's response to market trends. Keep the press release between 300-500 words and research the most recent trends for the search engines you want to appeal to most. 

We also have a paid press writing option for our clients. These releases can be sent out through thousands of media outlets and will be picked up by over a hundred media sources such as CNN, Money Watch, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, etc. 

See some sample press releases here:

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