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Diagnosed TV Show Now Filming Season 1

Diagnosed the TV Show tells the stories of cancer warriors and makes some dreams come true for them along the way. Cheer with us, cry with us and give hope to those faced with inconceivable challenges. Diagnosed is creating channels to fund treatment and improved way of life for the heroes featured on the Diagnosed TV Show. Diagnosed has been picked up by a network to air 2016 and we will make the announcement very soon. If you are interested in funding or being on the show contact us here. Be sure to "Like" us on Facebook to keep updated on the show at www.diagnosed.tv We are Bigger Than Cancer!  

Money Making Entertainment

ADHD Creative and elleven studios are branches of elleven, llc that produce high level video, TV, corporate photography and graphic art for a wide range of genres and clientele. Videos Sell, period. 

From shooting events like HomeVestors Seminars with Tim Herriage to filming technical training videos for HVAC Learning Solutions of Lennox our studios have the flexibility to produce the most effective media available. Our staff brings the highest levels of experience having put out media, commercials and reality television shows viewed on national TV networks, web broadcasting, and local TV and radio channels.

The reality TV shows we build are both entertaining and serving a corporate purpose at the same time. What if you could get someone to watch a 22 or 42 minute commercial for your company and have them love it so much they would share it with their friends and watch it again? That is the strategy behind the reality TV shows we do. They serve the public and our clients' needs. This strategy mixed with our resources gives us a significant edge that few can compete with when producing marketing campaigns on the highest level. Maybe your next marketing strategy should be a reality TV show.

Many reality shows are not announced before they are marketed to distribution channels. We have one in production that falls in that category and have worked on others as well.

Home Page Videos 

Our clients have reported up to a 200% jump in sales from videos we did for them. Here is one example we did for Dreamigo 

Corporate Training

One of our 2013 projects was the Virtual Build a Tech program for Lennox Heating and Air Conditioning. Working chiefly with their HVAC Learning Solutions staff we built an online training program that has been so profitable they are planning a half dozen similar projects with Virtual Build a Service Manager next. The Virtual Build a Tech project was completed on time and under the initial budget.

Watch the video below for a 2.5 minute overview



Drone footage sells period. Check out what we can do with Innovative Views below

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos like this one can be used to increase email campaign effectiveness or landing page conversion.

Product Placement

One of our December 2013 ADHD Creative projects was filmed in the snowy mountains of Wyoming featuring multiple companies that wanted to create a video their clients would share. It worked. See a sample below. 

Real Estate Videos

A number of Realtors and Investors use elleven studios to shoot pictures and videos of properties they are selling. They say the properties sell much faster and for more money often with multiple offers. Click below for an example of a video we have done. 

Promo Video

We do a lot of simple promotional video for businesses large and small. This video for DFW Investor Lending was a promotional video for The REI Expo in Dallas January 2013. DFW Investor Lending went on to sponsor the REI Expo and enjoyed record attendance in their speaking room. 


SIRETV Samuel Sadler Executive Producer

SIRETV Filming

Dogs of Dowdy Ferry Trailer

Apartment Numbers

Apartment Numbers Blue Door

Client: Darcorp

For more information on Apartment Numbers TV Show visit: www.apartmentnumbers.tv

Production of a reality tv show can be relatively cheap or be very expensive depending on the players you have involved. Many of the crew members may be changed out depending on the project. Make sure you know what other projects camera crews, Directors, Producers, etc... have done. Be sure to choose one that can get you the feel you are looking for. ADHD Creatvie and elleven studios put a great deal into casting and project staff selection knowing each individual contributes like ingredients to a recipe.   

HomeVestors Seminar with Tim Herriage "Ugly Houses Can Be Beautiful" 2012

2013 Samuel Sadler Sizzle Reel

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