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When building a press campaign it is important to hit as many channels as possible with your best foot forward. Press releases are most search-friendly when they are 300-500 words in length. There are a number of press sites you can post on for free, but there are not a lot of free sites that last the ravages of time.


Make sure you trust the person writing your press or blog to be accurate and to use the language you are releasing your message in to be accurate. Be sure they understand the overall strategy of the campaign and that every press release or blog post is another step toward reaching the overall objective.

There are a few press sites that will allow you to post your press releases for free on their sites. Most of those however offer paid distribution. The distribution is where you get your SEO mileage. Distribution on a number of sites also ensures your press release will stay on the web as many free press sites do not stand the test of time and fall to the ravages of cheap skates.

We pay for our press releases to be distributed and send others out through non-paid sites as well to cover more ground. The purpose of the press release is also crucial to keep in mind when writing and distributing your press release. If you are posting it to attract investors or hoping to attract agents through the press release you should pay for distribution. If you just want your name to be out there in a positive light when someone searches your name, you could probably save the money and distribute it yourself.

Repetition is key when posting press releases and raises searchability for your press releases. When a small business press release comes up, it probably will not get a lot of attention unless it is written extremely well and covers something ground-breaking. A small business press release should be distributed at least once a month and more frequently if you are trying to dominate your world.

The written press release is still necessary and should not be replaced entirely by video press releases. The video press release is still maturing so the small business or any business must still put out text-based press.      


This takes us into blogs. Once again, there are free blog sites. There is very little wrong with using these sites for blogging, especially or any other major blog posting site. Text-based blog posts continue to be a necessary part of your business marketing strategy. Video blogs have increased in popularity at 20 percent per year over the last two years and show no sign of slowing momentum.

Generally blogs should be posted twice per month. They should not be a biweekly commercial. They should be related to your topic and should have room for humor and other qualities that allow them to go viral without compromising brand integrity. Holidays are a great opportunity to go to a humorous theme and get a lot of liking and sharing of your material. The production quality of your video blog does not need to be as amazing as your home page video. 

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