Strategy - Create a Gap

Your strategy can change your industry

One of the greatest challenges a CEO faces is differentiating their wares from that of a competitor. Your strategy for dealing with this could mean the difference between bidding wars and leaving your competitors to form a class all your own. Remember, battles are neither won or lost on the front lines of the battlefield but in the rooms of strategic leadership.

This gap can be an innovation in product, service or marketing. Creating this gap is crucial, especially if clients believe your product to be similar to another, which will negatively influence pricing as customers will haggle on "apples to apples" comparison. We have helped company after company create that gap and differentiate themselves from their competition.

In the hands of the right person, this gap can allow a smaller company to outperform a larger company. It can allow a smaller army to defeat a larger army. It can allow one company to totally dominate and own an entire industry. A smartphone company that doesn't even need to be named created a gap over an industry force that nearly owned the industry and has now nearly destroyed that company altogether. That is the power of creating that gap.  

Finding this gap can even mean life or death for your company. Please do yourself a favor and call us before you are in the "elleventh hour". The more options you give us to work with, the better the outcome. 

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