Corporate Training


Changes in business have forced corporate training programs to adapt to be fast, lean and available on demand. Few have time to spend a week at a corporate boot camp, let alone 4 weeks for many courses. This is why we help companies build virtual training. Information stays pure and controlled. People can participate at their convenience while remaining productive to their companies. 

Here is a 2.5 minute overview of one of our projects:

This client was so happy with their results they plan to do a half dozen simlar programs.  

Our training programs increase revenue by:

  • Reducing tech support call volume and time on phone
  • Increasing market share by offering superior support
  • reducing training costs and installation/application errors
  • reducing warranty claims 
  • offering a low maintenance program to clientele
  • Increasing employee retention

These training programs are available to almost any industry and are a sure way to ensure growth and streamline your business in today's preferred training methods. 

All our programs are extremely easy to follow, understand and flow naturally. The student is never without support or the ability to review something again to gain a better understanding.   

We offer both external and internal training programs with:

  • Password Protected Logins
  • Industry Specific Learning Forums
  • Set Your Own Speed Courses
  • On-site Training
  • Virtual Labs with Virtual Hands-On Technology
  • Industry Specific Virtual Reality Gaming
  • Either Audio or Closed Captions
  • Incremental Testing and Suggestions Based on Scores
  • Hands-on Video Training
  • Constant innovation

Only Ones to Offer Brain Mapping

We understand the human brain and how it learns better than anyone in our industry allowing us to offer the most effective training available. We are the ONLY company in our industry that can offer the Innate Intellect Profile, more commonly known as "Brain Mapping"

Everyone is wired a little different and have become even more diverse through situational adaptation. This directly affects their best methods of learning. Some learn best by touch, use of fine motors, audio, visual, varied learning speeds, etc. All of which we take into account when building training programs. we recommend everyone get a look at their best learning methods both for this training and for future use. At a very minimum a trainee should take a DISC profile test and at the very best have brain mapping done. We have partnered with Like It Matters to bring you brain mapping. This test tells the individual how they are physically wired from birth. DISC will help them understand their personality profile but it is subjective to experiences environment and emotional state. We can bring a brain mapping team to a client and test any number of individuals. 

We can help people learn despite most "Learning Disabilities" they have been labeled with, many times changing the way someone views themselves and their abilities forever. 

After Implementation: What's different?

Not a lot. You still have one point of contact, have continued training and maintenance. Many of our competitors have a history of passing you off to someone else while their salesman moves on and then no one is accountable. We see to it that you have the same contact for continued accountability and results. You will receive a Program Blueprint so you can find information quickly and always be in the know. We do not have a lot of hidden fees either that is so prevalent in the industry. Ready to switch? We thought so.