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Social Media can be one of your biggest sales tools and lead generators. If your agency or employees are posting beautiful posts with little interaction, that is a problem. We can help, however. Here are the Facebook statistcs for Lennox, a client we took from another agency May 10th, 2017. We had done a sampling of our services two months prior which represents the first spike in activity. This is a B2B company with a great story to tell and growth over 1000% to prove the system works.

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Websites should be designed to save you time, streamline processes, make transactions and tell your story 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you don’t have to. Websites can also be a strategic game changer. We build some of the most effective sites and home page videos for the best click-through rate and sales conversion ratio possible. 

Some simple examples:

J & G Transmissions

Dreamigo Home Page

Super Storm Restoration Home Page


The seemingly ever-elusive Search Engine Optimization allows you to rule your part of the worldwide web. This is one area it helps to be a nerd or at least know one. You want someone that after 60 seconds of sitting with them it is clear they don’t get out much and may even live in their mom’s basement. We mean no offense to our staff members in this department…we love you guys. Many have a good understanding of SEO, but due to the constantly changing demands of search engines, laws, regulations, competitive technologies and expenditures we have people that specialize in SEO. 


Social Media Optimization-With so many mainstream platforms presently available it is wise to choose no more than 5 to go after for the small to mid-sized company. You may even target 3 depending on your target market. Your social media should be engaging, entertaining or educational. It has to be worth sharing or liking or people simply won’t care. 

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Although we work with other social media platforms, our main focuses are